You put yourself on a diet. No one else forced you to do it, so you can stop anytime you want to. It's so easy to quit when there are no consequences for doing so. But if you want to reach your health goals with a diet, you have to be a little harder on yourself. You need to get back on your diet, stay on your diet, and stop cheating. It's easier said than done, but here are some suggestions from on how you can do it. Follow them all the way to diet success.

Know Why You Quit

There's a reason why you fell off your diet, and you need to identify it if you hope to succeed this time around. Were you being too restrictive of yourself? Were your goals too unrealistic? Did you cave too easily to temptation? Did you lack support? Be honest with yourself about why you quit, even if you're embarrassed by the reason. It's the only way you'll be able to stick with your diet in the future.

Make Appropriate Changes

After you've identified the reason you quit your diet, you need to take steps to prevent it from happening again. For example, if you quit because you felt too tightly restricted in what you could and couldn't eat, you have to give yourself more wiggle room. If you try to get back on your diet with the same restrictions, you will become discouraged and quit again. Find a way to change whatever it is that's standing in your way.

Reevaluate Your Goals

Sometimes unrealistic goals are preventing you from sticking with your diet. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds, you're going to quit because your goal is unrealistic. Instead, make it a goal to lose five pounds. It's much more attainable, and you'll feel better when you reach it. Instead of quitting then, you'll set another goal for yourself to lose another five pounds, and so on. The feelings you'll experience when you reach your goal will inspire you to stop cheating on your diet.

Call in Backup

When you quit your diet, did anyone else notice or care? Lots of times it's easy to cheat because we're only accountable to ourselves. To help you stay on track, enlist the help of a friend, and ask for the support of the people you live with. You'll be less likely to cheat when someone will know about it. You'll have a better chance at success if you have some help.

Keep Motivating Yourself

When you lose your motivation to diet, you'll cheat and then quit. Make sure you keep your reasons for dieting in the forefront of your mind. Put notes on your fridge if it helps you. Motivate yourself with little rewards, like a sweet treat every so often or a little shopping trip. Don't lose sight of the reasons why you're dieting, whether it be to lose weight, to get healthier, or to set an example for your kids.




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